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    • Motorized lift for projectors KSL LPR 300-1500

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    • Designed for covert installation projector on ceiling

  • Lift for projector KSL LPR 300-1500 is designed for concealed mounting of the projector into ceiling space. The projector hides in the ceiling and, when needed, moves down to the specified height by simply pressing a button. Maximum load – 15 kg. Maximum height – 1500 mm. The lift for projector is equipped with engine that lowers the lift smoothly with minimal noise. This means that nothing will interfere with your presentations. Motorized lift for projectors KSL LPR 300-1500 can be used at home, in offices, conference rooms, educational institutions, restaurants and cinemas. Unique design of the lifts for projectors is easy to use and functional. The lifts for projectors LPR 300-1500 are very reliable and do not require maintenance during the entire service life.

    Benefits of the lifts for projectors KSL LPR 300-1500:
    • Full production cycle in Ukraine
    • Made of 2 mm thick sheet metal
    • Painted with polymeric powder paint
    • Robust construction
    • The whole construction can be completely hidden by decorating the outer cover of the lift in color and texture of ceiling
    • Extension depending on placement requirements – from 100 to 1500 mm
    • Can be equipped with a radio remote control or a button for stationary installation
    • Exact adjustment and installation of extension to the necessary height, smooth and uniform movement
    • Projector mount included

    Complete set: assembled lift, remote control or button, instruction, screw 4*10 (4 pcs), screw 5*10 (4 pcs), screw 6*12 (4 pcs), anchor with bolt 10*80 (4 pcs).
    Warranty: 12 months.


    возможен любой цвет по RAL

    Maximum load

    15/30 кг


    41,7 кг

    Подвижная часть

    550×550 мм

    Высота механизма

    от 100 мм до 1500 мм

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