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    • Projector ceiling mount CMPR-2

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    • Ceiling Projector Mount

  • Projector ceiling mount CMPR-2 has a tilt-rotation mechanism for mounting a video projector with a maximum load of 20 kg. This mount has a simple and reliable adjustment in the horizontal plane, which provides easy installation, and a rigid fixation of the projector. Distance from the ceiling to the projector can be changed within 40 – 220 cm range by replacing the rod. CMPR EX40-220 rods are optional. Distance between mounting holes on the projector: min – 130 mm, max – 330 mm. Distance from the ceiling to the projector – 200 mm. Vertical and horizontal tilt angles reach 45°, rotation angle is up to 20°.

    Benefits of CMPR-2 ceiling mount:
    • Full production cycle in Ukraine
    • Made of 2 mm thick sheet metal
    • Painted with polymer powder paint
    • Robust construction
    • Easy to fix in desired position.

    Complete set: Assembled mount, attachment plates (2 pcs), instruction, screw M6*60 (4 pcs), screw 4*10 (4 pcs), screw 5*10 (4 pcs), screw 6*10 (4 pcs) , dowel 10*50 (4 pcs), washer (4 pcs), hex wrench (1 pc).
    Warranty: 60 months.

    Mounting type



    For projector

    Maximum load

    20 kg


    1,5 кг

    Расстояние между крепежными отверстиями на проекторе

    130 мм – 330 мм.





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